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  • Lightweight carbon fiber and graphene rollerski with spring effect. Bonés Skiroll Graphene is the only TRUE cross-country rollerski in the world..
  • Unique, patented design gives you the same feel and behavior as actual Nordic/cross country skis..
  • Flexible and reactive - these rollerskis store energy and then return it, spring like - just like snow skis..
  • Made of carbon fiber and graphene, the only material capable of storing energy (using our patented Quionne FLEX sуstem) without breaking..
  • Made in Europe, superior quality..

Bonés Skiroll makes a truly unique rolleski, for first time with Graphene, which are really flexible and reactive. And thanks to nanomaterial liek Graphene is 100 stronger than Steel, and 20% more flexible without breaking than any other product made with carbon, what asures a lifetime warranty. Graphene - the "wonder material" made of sheets of carbon just one atom thick - undergoes a self-repairing process to correct holes,

Competitors' rollerski absorb energy while Bonés Skiroll Graphene
rollerski store energy and then return it, spring like - just
like snow skis. They are made of carbon fiber and Graphene because this is the only material capable of storing energy (using QUIONNE patented FLEX system) without breaking. Every rollerski has 2
Dynamic Flex Zones close to each wheel. These Flex Zones store
skier's energy & makes these rollerskis feel & behave just like
Nordic/Cross Country ski on the snow. At the same time,
flexibility acts as a cushioning system, absorbing road
imperfections & giving you very comfortable ride. Bonés Skiroll Graphene Rollerski Chassis is made of full carbon monocoque and Graphene, what makes the material unbreakable. It is designed to distribute tension evenly, making these rollerskis much more durable than metal or wood ones. Rollerskis come in 3
different sizes which correlate to the flexibility index.

-- S isrecommended for skiers up to 55 Kg

-- M is recommendedbetween 50-75 Kg (110-175 lbs)

-- L is recommended between 70-120 Kg (165-265 lbs).

Weight is just a recommendation.

Some skiers like to train on softer Bonés Skirolll Graphene rollerskis so they polish certain technical skills, others choose stiffer to get more of a conventional rollerski feel. Some even own 2 or 3 different
flexes and use the most appropriate for each workout focus. The
difference between Bonés Skiroll Graphene and their competition is that it was developed by QUIONNE, an engineering company.

We controls both design and production themselves.

(now only M and L sizes available)


Bones Grafen full carbon

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