CFO Optiwax Jari Joutsen

Optiwax is a Finnish wax brand for snowboarding, alpine skiing and cross country skiing.

The products are developed by an award winning company, led by a large group of powerful players in the ski world. Their enthusiastic and long term efforts strive to deliver more pleasurable skiing by making the preparation of skis as easy as possible.

Besides ski waxes, our nano- technology is also used in waxless cross country skis, which won the most prestigious innovation award in Finland in 2010.

Our goal is to make preparing skis easier and faster, which means you can spend more time enjoying your skis and less time maintaining them. After several years of testing, we are happy to bring the Optiwax collection of ski waxes to the market. Optiwax has a broad product line for both beginners and professionals.

Optiwax Glide Tapes are the easiest choice for beginners, but thanks to their excellent gliding properties and extremely good durabi- lity they are also widely used among racing athletes. Fluor powders, blocks, gliders, glide tapes, and grip waxes are named by using the numbers from zero to three ensuring total ease of choice. The Optiwax products for wax free skis will help Nanogrip, Optigrip and etouch ski owners take care of their ski equipment.

Text: Jari Joutsen